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Upcoming Events

April 21, 8 a.m.

State Meet, Jamestown

2017-18 Season

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Dickinson Activities

and the WDA

Midgets Choir Department

Upcoming Events

Feb. 7

WDA Region-State Woodwinds, Bismarck

March 14

WDA Region-State Brass, Bismarck

Midgets Student Congress

Midgets Band Department

​​​​Music - Theatre Arts - Speech - Debate  - Student Congress

Band Instructor: Keith Traquair

Choir Instructor:  Michael Stevenson

Drama Advisor: Michael Stevenson

Speech Advisor: Nathan Amberg

Debate Advisor:

Student Congress: Nathan Amberg

Dickinson Midgets Fine Arts

Choir Instructor:  Michael Stevenson

Band Instructor: Keith Traquair

Midgets Speech & Debate Departments

Drama Advisor: Michael Stevenson

Patriot Drama Department

Upcoming Events.

Jan. 19-20

UND Honors Concert

Midgets Drama Department

Student Congress Advisor: Nathan Amberg

Speech Advisor: Nathan Amberg

Nov. 2-3

NDHSAA Student Congress, Bismarck

Dickinson results
6. K. Smith, Dickinson
6. Jeremy Parker, Dickinson
DNP:Ryan Barndt, Dickinson

House 1
1 Hillary Moberg, Dickinson
3. Paige Thorgeson, Dickinson
4. Madison Brandt, Dickinson

House 2

DNP. Whitney Tiegs, Dickinson
DNP. Dallen Schuetzler, Dickinson
DNP. Natalie Lopez, Dickinson

House 3
DNP. Bonnie Thompson

 House 4

3. Maizie Richard

DNP: Ethan Haynes

House 5

7. Cassidy Hughes

DNP. Samuel Thorgerson

House 6

6. Caroline Moe

DNP. Allisyn Lucas, Dickinson

DNP: Did Not Place

Upcoming Events

Nov. 16-18

Fall Drama Production, DHS Auditorium, 7 p.m.

State One Act, April 9-10, 2018