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1st2nd3rd4thOT - Total
Legacy87687-8   44

Bismarck High

68877-7   43

Scoring Summary

L: Alex Brosseau 79-yard pass from Jason Hoekstra; Noah Ableidinger pass from Hoekstra
B: Lucas Butts 5-yard run; pass failed
L: Hoekstra 16-yard run; Austin Wolf kick
B: Butts 49-yard run; Mark Stumpf pass from Will Madler
B: Butts 8-yard run; Jalen Sprecher pass from Madler
L: Wolf 21-yard pass from Hoekstra; kick failed
L: Hoesktra 2-yard run; Matt Kraft pass from Hoekstra
B: Jack Sullivan 2-yard pass from Madler; Zach Schmidt kick
L: Wolf 9-yard pass from Hoekstra; Wolf kick
B: Sprecher 8-yard pass from Madler; Schmidt kick
B: Matt Schaner 6-yard pass; Schmidt kick
L: Wolf 13-yard pass from Hoekstra; Alex Brosseau run

Team stats                                 L                      BHS
First downs                                 15                   19
Rush-Yards                                 36-124           47-271
Pass Yards                                  247                186
Total Yards                                  371                457
Fumbles-lost                               0-0                 3-3
Interceptions                               1                    0 
Penaly-Yds.                                4-25               7-80
Individual stat leaders

L: Diamonte Stugelmeyer, 9-50 yards; Alex Brosseau, 18-39 yards; Jason Hoekstra, 8-33 yards, 2 TD; B: Lucas Butts 25-201 yards, 3 TD; Jalen Sprecher 9-46 yards; Jared Rath 5-32 yards; Jack Sullivan, 1-8 yards
L: Hoekstra 14-24-1 for 247 yards, 4 TD; B: Will Madler 21-29-0 for 186 yards, 3 TD
Receiving: L: Austin Wolf 5-55 yards, 3 TD; Brosseau 2-84 yards, TD; Hunter Humann, 4-66 yards; Jaeger Marchant, 2-43 yards; B: Sullivan, 5-37 yards, TD; Sprecher, 5-36 yards; Tanner Davis, 4-52 yards; Matt Schaner, 2-14 yards, TD
Notes: Legacy defeated Bismarck High for the first time...The teams combined for 87 points and 828 yards of offense...It was a matchup of two top five ranked teams (BHS, No. 2; Legacy, No. 5)..BHS' RB Lucas Butts rushed for over 200 yards for a second straight WDA game...Legacy QB Jason Hoekstra threw four TD passes.
Records: Legacy, 4-0 Overall; 2-0 AAA WDA; Bismarck High, 3-1 Overall, 1-1 AAA WDA

Legacy 19, West Fargo Sheyenne 7 (nc)

​Aug. 26, 2016, 7 p.m.

MDU Resources Community Bowl, Bismarck,  N.D.

AAA Quarterfinals

Legacy 37, Dickinson 0

Oct. 28, 2016, 7 p.m. CT

West Fargo High School, West Fargo, N.D.

 Century 55, Legacy 6

​Sept. 23, 2016, 2 p.m.CT

MDU Resources Community Bowl, Bismarck, N.D.





Scoring Summary

L: Noah Abledinger 14-yard pass from Jason Hoekstra; run failed
L: Austin Wolf 5-yard pass from Hoekstra; Hunter Humann pass from Hoekstra
L: Alex Brosseau 3-yard run; pass failed

Team stats                                        W              L
First downs                                         4             17
Rush Yards                                        37           141
Pass Yards                                        19            99
Total Yards                                        56           240 
Fumbles-Lost                                   3-1           2-1
Interceptions                                      1             1
Pen.-Yds.                                     10-65          8-45
Punts-Yds.                                     8-31           4-35

Individual stat leaders

W: Rowan Horswill 6-28 yards; Derek Schneider 12-27 yards; Brett Ralph, 1-11 yards; Rodney Jones 3-3 yards; Jonte LaDue 1-1 yard; L: Alex Brosseau 29-119 yards, TD; Diamonte Stugelmeyer 2-13 yards; Matt Kraft 4-13 yards; Tyler Boone 1-9 yards; Devin Beck 1-8 yards
W: Deacon Marburger 5-13-1 for 19 yards; L: Jason Hoekstra 11-20-1 for 99 yards, 2 TD
W: Jones 1-11 yards; Austen Arneson 1-4 yards; Schneider 1-3 yards; L: Austin Wolf 5-62 yards, TD; Jaeger Marchant 2-17 yards; Noah Abledinger, 1-14 yards, TD; Devin Beck, 1-6 yards
Notes: Legacy won its first-ever WDA AAA game...The game 6-0 aftter three quarters...Legacy's Alex Brosseau has a rushing TD in each of the Sabers' three games...This was Williston's first road game
Records: Legacy, 3-0 Overall; 1-0 WDA; Williston, 1-2 Overall 0-1 WDA 

 Legacy 46, Devils Lake 12 (nc)

​Sept. 2, 2016, 7 p.m. CT

Roller Field, Devils Lake, N.D.


1st2nd3rd4th Total


0000    0

Scoring Summary
L: Alex Brosseau 96-yard run; pass failed
L: Brosseau 42-yard pass from Jason Hoekstra; pass failed
L: Jason Fetch 39-yard interception return; Devin Beck pass from Hoekstra
L: Austin Wolf 23-yard field goal
L: Brosseau 1-yard run; Wolf kick
L: Tyler Boone 8-yard run; Wolf kick

Team Stats                                L                       J
Rush Yards                                188                  69

Pass Yards                                153                  191                  

Total Yards                                 341                  250

Individual stat leaders

L:  Alex Brosseau 15-135 yards, 2 TD; Matt Kraft, 1-15 yards; Jacob Hudson 1-9 yards; Tyler Boone 1-18 yards; Devilin Black 1-10 yards; J: Jared Harr 14-61 yards; Zach Petrek 3-6 yards; Hunter Beckman, 2-8 yards
L: Jason Hoekstra 6-10-0 for 132 yards, TD; Black 1-1-0 for 21 yards; J: Mason Walters 8-19-2 for 122 yards; Tommy Falk 3-5-1 for 69 yards
L: Austin Wolf 4-61 yards; Brosseau 1-42 yards, TD; Hunter Humann 1-29 yards; Hoekstra 1-21 yards; J: Jared Kallenbach 3-56 yards; Aaron Brederson 3-44 yards; Beckman 2-37 yards; Brandon Kallenbach 1-24 yards; Petrek 1-8 ayrds
Notes: Legacy clinched its first-ever playoff berth with the win…Jamestown played its final game as a AAA program for the foreseeable future as it will move to AA for the next two seasons…Legacy has pitched two straight shutouts...Legacy’s A. Brosseau’s 96-yard TD run was the longest from scrimmage this season in WDA play.
Records: Legacy 6-3 Overall; 4-3 WDA AAA; Jamestown 1-8 Overall; 0-7 WDA AAA


West Fargo Sheyenne00077

Bismarck Legacy


Scoring Summary

L: Hunter Humann 49-yard pass from Jason Hoekstra; Austin Wolf kick

L: Alex Brosseau, 62-yard run; kick failed

L: J. Hoekstra 1-yard run; kick failed

WFS: Jason Gaulrapp 1-yard run; Sean Fenelon kick

​Team Stats                   WFS              L

First downs                    14                 14

Rush-Yds                       52-200         49-222

Pass-Yds                        23                148

Total Yds                        223               370

Fumbles-Lost                 4-2                0-0

Intercepted                     0                    1

Pen.-Yds                        8-55              11-82

​Punts                              4-41               3-31

Individual stat leaders


L: Alex Brosseau, 23-154 yards; Jason Hoekstra, 21-54 yards; Tyler Boone, 4-13 yards; Devin Beck, 1-1 yard; WFS: Jesse Shorma, 8-101 yards


L: J. Hoekstra 10-15-1 for 148 yards; WFS: Keaton Mahnke, 2-9-0 for 13 yards


Hunter Humann, 1-49 yards; Austin Wolf, 2-13 yards; T. Boone, 1-25 yards; Noah Abledinger, 1-23 yards; WFS; Zach Westphal, 1-19 yards

Notes: The win was Legacy's first-ever at the varsity level...The teams cominbed for 19 penalties...Each team had a 100-plus yard rusher (WFS, J. Shorma; L: A. Brosseau).

Records: WF Sheyenne, 0-1 Overall; 0-0 EDC; Legacy, 1-0 Overall; 0-0 WDA

Legacy 25, Dickinson 0

Oct. 13, 2016, 8 p.m. CT

Biesiot Activity Center, Dickinson, N.D.

Mandan 41, Legacy 40 (OT)

Oct. 7, 2016, 8 p.m. CT

MDU Resources Community Bowl, Bismarck, N.D.

 Legacy 20, Williston 0 

​Sept.9, 2016,  6:30 p.m. CT

MDU Resources Community Bowl, Bismarck, N.D.

Legacy 37, Dickinson 0

Oct. 19, 2016, 7 p.m. CT

Ernie Gates Field, Jamestown, N.D.


1st2nd3rd4th Total

West Fargo

602213   41

Scoring Summary
WF: Chase Teiken 16-yard run; kick failed
L: Austin Wolf 11-yard pass from Jason Hoekstra; kick failed
WF: Teiken 30 yard run; pass failed
WF: Teiken 8-yard run; Teiken run
WF: Teiken 51-yard run; Andy Gravdahl run
WF: Teiken 3-yard run; pass failed
WF: Tanner Zepeda 54-yard pass from Isaac Haessig; Vah kick

Team Stats                                L                       WF
Rush Yards                                --                        --

Pass Yards                                --                         --                

Total Yards                                 --                         --

Individual stat leaders


Notes: This was the first-ever meeting between the teams…It was Legacy’s first AAA playoff game…The game was tied 6-6 at halftime…West Fargo’s Chase Teiken had a season-high 5 rushing TD…The loss was Legacy’s first on the road.
Legacy 6-4 Overall; 4-3 WDA; West Fargo 10-0 Overall; 7-0 EDC





Scoring Summary
L: Tyler Boone 28-yard pass from Jason Hoekstra; Hunter Humann pass from Hoekstra
L: Humann 13-yard pass from Hoekstra; Austin Wolf kick
L: Devin Beck 2-yard pass from Hoekstra; Wolf kick
L: Wolf 25-yard field goal

Team stats                            L                     D
Rush Yards                           201                 135
Pass Yards                           110                  84
Total Yards                            311                  219

Punts-Yds.                            5-24.6            --
Individual stat leaders
L: Alex Brosseau 27-122 yards; Jason Hoekstra 15-60 yards; Devin Boone 3-22 yards; D: Conner Hoenke 11-69 yards; Treven Hopfauf 10-61 yards; Caden Haugen 3-29 yards; Shawn Steffan 8-4 yards
L: Hoekstra  8-14-0 for 110 yards, 3 TD; D: Steffan 4-19-3 for 44 yards
B: Hoekstra 2-33 yards, TD; Jaeger Marchant 1-28 yards; Austin Wolf, 1-19 yard; Kaden Stewart, 1-18 yards; 1-13 Hunter Humann, 1-13 yards, TD; D: Krew Mather 1-19 yards; Haugen 1-11 yards; Hoenke 1-10 yards
Notes: Legacy’s win snapped a three-game losing streak and put them a win away from clinching the program’s first-ever playoff berth…Dickinson dropped to 1-3 at home…The Midgets were shutout for the first time since Oct. 21, 2015 (24-0L to Minot)…Legacy’s Jason Fetch had two interceptions.
Records: Legacy, 5-3 Overall; 4-2 WDA AAA; Dickinson, 5-3 Overall; 3-3 WDA AAA





Scoring Summary
M: Carter Anderson, 7-yard run; Preson Johnson kick
L: Jason Hoekstra 3-yard run; Cole Goldade kick
M: Peyton Lamoureux 69-yard run; kick failed
L: Hoekstra 1-yard run; Goldade kick
M: Creighton Rudolph 71-yard run; run failed
M: Elijah Wickum 3-yard run; Lofton Kalbunde pass from Rudolph
M: Wickum 17-yard pass from Rudoplh; Carson Mosser run
M: Lamoureux 24-yard pass from Rudolph; kick failed

Team stats                                     M                          L
First Downs                                    13                        10
Rush-Yards                                   43-229                40-101
Pass Yards                                    81                         76
Total Yards                                    310                       177
Fumbles-lost                                 2-1                        2-1
Interceptions                                 1                           1
Punts-Avg.                                    5-29                     6-37
Pen.-Yds                                       5-45                     5-30
Individual stat leaders

M: Peyton Lamoureux, 3-98 yards, TD; Creighton Rudolph 10-40 yards, TD; Carson Moser, 7-31 yards; Carter Anderson, 8-26 yards, TD; Elijam Wickum, 7-18 yards, TD; Brett Davies, 2-8 yards; L: Jason Hoekstra, 26-91 yards, 2 TD; Alex Brosseu, 13-10 yards
M: Rudolph 6-9-1 for 81 yards; TD; Hoekstra 5-15-1 for 76 yards
M: Lofton Kalbunde 1-28 yards; Lamoureux 1-24 yards, TD; Wickum 1-17 yards, TD; Brett Lunde 1-12 yards; Dylan Danielson, 1-2 yards

Notes: Legacy led 14-13 at halftime...Minot is averaging 41.75 points per game... Legacy dropped its second straight game...Minot has had three different players lead the team in rushing.

Records: Minot 5-1 Overall; 4-0 AAA WDA; Legacy, 4-2 Overall; 2-2 WDA

Legacy 44, Bismarck High 43 (2OT)

​Sept. 23, 2016, 7 p.m.

MDU Resources Community Bowl, Bismarck,  N.D.

2016 WDA Stats                  Team Page               WDA Football Page   


1st2nd3rd4th   OTTotal
Mandan77020       741


21760        640

Scoring Summary
M: Dale Spilman 69-yard run; Samantha Bussman kick
L: Alex Brosseau 71-yard pass from Jason Hoestrak; Hunter Humann pass from Hoekstra
L:  Brosseau 27-yard run; kick failed
L: Brosseau 74-yard run; Cole Goldade kick
M: Trae Steckler 6-yard pass from Kaden Krause; Ian Dahners kick
L: Humman 55-yard pass from Hoekstra; Goldade kick
L: Hoekstra 53-yard run; kick failed
M: Jaden Andresen 23-yard pass from Krause; Bussman kick
M: Andresen 16-yard pass from Krause; Dahners kick
M: Trae Steckler 13-yard pass from Krause; kick failed
M: Spilman 10-yard run; Dahners kick
L: Hummann 7-yard pass from Hoekstra; kick failed

Team stats                              M                       L
First downs                            24                     19
Rush Yards                           33-211              50-315
Pass Yards                            323                    205
Fumbles-lost                         1-0                    4-1
Interceptions gained            0                       0
Punts-avg.                             5-40                  7-26
Penalty-Yds                           --                       --

Individual stat leaders

M: Dale Spilman 24-214 yards, TD; Kaden Krause, 3-3 yards; Jackson Zittleman, 1-1 yard; L: Alex Brosseau 23-181 yards 2 TD; Jason Hoekstra 19-62 yards, TD; Tyler Boone 4-63 yards
M: Krause 22-39-0 for 323 yards, 4 TD; L: Hoekstra 10-22-0 for 205 yards, 3 TD

M: Trae Steckler 9-174 yards, 2 TD; Jaden Andresen 4-46 yards, 2 TD; Dylan Wallace 3-37 yards; Griffen Fettig 2-26 yards; Isaac Watson 1-18 yards; Kob Poitra 1-11 yards; Austin Markel 1-7 yards; Quinn Halstengard 1-4 yards; L: Brosseau 2-86 yards, TD; Hunter Humman 4-47 yards, 2 TD; Patrick Doan 2-19 yards; Devin Beck, 1-14 yards; Kaden Stewart 1-12 yards
Notes: Mandan trailed 34-14 in the fourth quarter...Mandan won its first game of the season...Legacy dropped its third straight game...Both teams combined for 1,054 yards of offense...Legacy has played in two overtiime games...Mandan had eight receivers with 1 or more receptions.
Records: Mandan, 1-6 Overall; 1-4 WDA AAA; Legacy, 4-3 Overall; 2-3 WDA AAA

Legacy Sabers Football





Scoring Summary

C: Kade Lynch 24-yard pass from Jakob Olson; kick failed
C: Century blocks punt out of end zone
C: Philip Davies 3-yard run; Brandon Kraenzel kick
C: Devyn Vance 21-yard interception return; Kraenzel kick
C: Jacob Rader 6-yard run; kick blocks
C: Luke Little 36-yard pass from Olson; Kraenzel kick
L: Hunter Humann 1-yard pass from Jason Hoekstra; run failed
C. Trey Pajimula 54-yard run; Kraenzel kick
C: Pajimula 14-yard run; kick failed
C: Darnell Smith 1-yard run; Kraenzel kick

Team stats                                                C                     L
First downs                                                 22                   10
Rush-Yards                                              36-290            33-47
Pass Yards                                               105                 157
Total Yards                                               395                  204
Fumbles-lost                                           1-1                   0-0
Interceptions                                            3                      0
Punts-Avg.                                               3-32                5-26
Penalty-Yds                                           10-80               5-55

Individual stat leaders

C: Trey Pajimula 8-108 yards, 2 TD; Jacob Rader, 13-100 yards, TD; Philip Davies 6-35 yards, TD; Cade Rauser 3-30 yards; Darnell Smith 5-21 yards, TD; L: Matt Kraft 2-17 yards; Alex Brosseau 8-11 yards
C: Jakob Olson 8-13-0 for 105 yards, TD; 
L: Jason Hoekstra 12-25-3 for 157 yards, TD
C: Luke Little 4-58 yards, TD; Kade Lynch 1-24 yards; Isaac Bolson 2-18 yards; Davies 1-5 yards; L: Austin Wolf 2-76 yards; Devin Beck 2-45 yards; Hunter Humann 4-33 yards, TD; Blake Hansted 1-11 yards
Notes: It was a matchup of two top five ranked teams (Legacy, No. 2; Century, No. 5)...Century led 28-0 at halftime...Century threw a TD pass for a 14th consecutive games...Legacy suffered its first loss of the season.
Records: Century 3-2 Overall; 2-1 WDA; Legacy 4-1 Overall; 2-1 WDA 

Minot 41, Legacy 14

​Sept. 27, 2016, 7:30 p.m. CT

MDU Resources Community Bowl, Bismarck, N.D.


Bismarck Legacy88181246

Devils Lake


Scoring Summary

DL: Zach Dahlen 7-yard pass from Jacob Mertens; kick failed
L: Devin Kraft 16-yard pass from Jason Hoekstra; Matt Kraft run
L: Alex Brosseau 7-yard run; Kraft run
L: Hoekstra 44-yard run; kick failed
DL: Dahlen pass from Mertens; pass failed
L: Kraft 74-yard pass from Hoekstra; run failed
L: Jaeger Marchant 15-yard pass from Hoekstra; run failed
L: Hunter Humann 28-yard pass from Hoekstra; pass failed
L: Kraft 2-yard run; kick failed

​Team Stats                       L                    D L

First downs                        25                 10
Rush-Yards                      48-267            35-107
Pass Yards                        217                96
Total Yards                        484               203
Fumbles-Lost                    0-0                3-3
Interceptions                     2                   1
Punts-Yds                        1-48              4-32.8
Penalty-Yds                     12-115           6-45

Individual stat leaders


L: Jason Hoekstra 15-113 yards, TD; Alex Brosseau 20-98 yards, TD; Tyler Boone 2-26 yards; Hunter Humann 1-21 yards; Diamonte Stugelmeyer 3-12 yards; DL: Joey Hornstein 6-65 yards; Nik Desai 9-20 yards
DL: Jacob Mertens 3-8-2 for 96 yards, 2 TD; L: Hoekstra 18-25-2 for 217 yards, 4 TD
L: Humann 8-111 yards, TD; Jaeger Marchant 6-72 yards, TD; Devin Kraft 2-19 yards, 2 TD; Noah Ableidinger, 1-10 yards; DL: Zach Dahlen 3-96 yards, TD
Legacy avenged a loss to Devils Lake last season...DL scored first...Legacy’s Jason Hoesktra ran for 113 yards and passed fro 217.
Legacy, 2-0 Overall; 0-0 WDA; Devils Lake, 0-2 Overall; 0-0 EDC